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Your Messy is Your Testimony, Dont Hide it

Not everything in life is pretty… life is ugly… hard… draining.  Sometimes your heart cries right out of your mouth.  You try to hold it in, but sometimes it comes up like vomit….there’s no stopping it.  Who would EVER stop, refrain, and swallow when they’re vomiting? Yeah…no one, but that is what we do with our hurt…we swallow it back because  there’s nowhere to lay our weariness.  Sometimes when it’s so RAW no one wants to hear it.  Messy is ugly.  Well, for a long time my messy life has been ugly and no I dont swallow back my hurt….not anymore.  I’ve learned that God is ok with seeing me messy…I’ve learned to entrust my weariness with Him.  And though life is getting better, I will not stay silent….I have no time to forget my past…I want to remember…people need my testimony…they need to hear the messy…they need to see, hear my ugly. In the brink of your messy God is there….speak out, right out of the ugly, others need your testimony, too.

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