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Your Story, Understood

Sometimes life is hard.  You ever just wish that there was someone who understands without you having to go into enormous detail…explaining the nooks and crannies of your life so they get you? It can be exhausting!  And yet there’s God who gets it…sees the entire picture…who gets you…in your entirety. No elaborate explainations needed…He just knows.  And He has a way of being so, so gentle.  There were…still are… times in my life where all I felt was anger without much around to remedy the anger I felt.  And in those tough moments I heard God…whispering to just me the things I so desperately needed to hear.  The hardness and anger started melting… He has a way with me…even in my anger. In your most desperate times and throughout the entire journey God is there and He understands you & your situations & circumstances completely.

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