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It’s so easy to blame in life. When something goes wrong or is tough, do we automatically think that it has to do with someone else?  That it’s their fault … their issue? I wonder what would happen if we could step outside of ourselves for a second to consider situations a little differently because at times I believe God sets some things up to mature US…did you  get the part where I said US? See, sometimes we dont realize the importance of what is happening in our lives….we think it always involves the other characters in the plot, but like i said, some situations have a distinct purpose for us….theyre really not even about the other people.  Here’s a challenge… no matter what situation comes can we allow ourselves to see how God could possibly being using it for good in our own lives? I’m convinced that though it’s hard to see at times, God is always at work behind the scenes, working for OUR benefit… even in the worst case scenarios.

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