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Going Back

Going back is always an option.  It is the easiest choice.  It is what we are used to….the familiar.  It takes faith in the midst of fear, doubt, uncertainty to step in a direction that is completely unfamiliar.  A lot of times it’s just plain frustrating and hard…and you lose things & people…and you’re alone…it hurts, in extremes. Are you ever tempted to jump ship off the new path BACK into something that’s a little easier…a little more familiar, a little more comfortable? Yes, i am tempted to at times.  But, what if the new path, though it be hard, be the thing that truly fulfills our greatest desires? There comes a sense of steadfastness when you know you could give up…you know you could go back and yet you choose not to….you would rather pay the price of being uncomfortable to go forward….at major costs. I want that to be me….I want that to be my story.  Sometimes there comes a point in time where the price of going back sucks MORE THAN the cost of moving forward.

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Ever notice how subtly detours come, dressed up all nice & fancy, getting you to stall on a moment’s glance, pointing your foot toward a secondary path whose promise is quick pay-off, “comfort”, “success”? …eventually leaving you to wonder how far removed from the path of destiny you’ve really become? It’s ligit… in this life we will make mistakes, but what I’m saying is we were created for an intended purpose. When God created us He had distinct vision in mind… a well intended path, a divine purpose for each one of us. Therefore, always detours will beckon to our determination to stay the course. All the things we’ve believed that we are missing, are entitled to, “need”… these are the themes that will encompass the route of our detour… promising what it is that we think we need, what we think we are missing. And yet, the detour in all actuality leads us away from our God intended course.  Fear not though, if you have made detours, God will reroute you back to His plan…always.  But, eventually we can come to a place where we understand what the detours are meant for, take a moment to pause, reflect, and remember that the detours cost much heartache many times and though it may cost us short term to stay the course,  it ALWAYS reaps bountifully in the end.  Our joy is sustained when we know deep in our hearts that we are committed to our intended course.

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