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Trained Well

Sometimes a storm comes, consuming your senses. Panic surges through you…indeed, you are consumed because there is a lie playing in your mind that tells you that what happened in your past, the very same thing, is about to repeat itself.  You remember the trauma of the past and this circumstance makes it as if you were back THERE….your heart fails within you…it FEELS exactly the same. BUT, let me encourage you in something.  I know it’s hard, I know it’s consuming….but in that moment of dreadful PANIC, hit the pause button and let God speak.  I think this is what He MAY say/show you… are not who you used to be …. you are not where you used to be.  See, in your feelings in that moment you may anticipate that what happened last time is about to repeat.  But, let me say it again, YOU ARE NOT WHO YOU USED TO BE….when God has delivered you from something you are no longer held captive to it or by it….when the rope is severed, it is severed completely.  YOU ARE NO LONGER BOUND. In the panic, take a moment to remind yourself that you are FREE from that thing.  God is ALWAYS readily available to comfort, guide, give direction.

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