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I’m So Needy

I will be the first person to admit that I’ve never really been one to like to ask for help….with anything really.  If there’s something that needs done or something I want, I do it myself and/or I get it myself.  Therefore, needing anything or anyone would not be such an issue…or so I thought. God started (and still is) working with me on asking for help and letting others help…even if I technically dont really need help.  That was a change of pace and a hard transition to adjust to, though I’m learning.  But this is what I’ve come to find out…God created us to need…need Him and need others.  We dont have to hide the fact that we are needy…or feel bad or guilty.  Now I’m not saying that our full dependency should be in people… it should be in God first.  When you truly come to know that God sees you in your nakedness AND loves you, it becomes exhilirating.  He created us to be needy…and actually I think He is pleased when we know this & go toward Him…there’s nothing to be ashamed of. The reason I say this is because it is the holiday season & I’ve had a lot of fun… so many things that have been engergizing…but at the end of the day I need God.  My heart…mind…cannot be in a good state without Him near. And I love the fact that I can admit to Him just how much I need Him.

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