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Hardness of Heart

Some of our hearts are hard…they’re hurting, they’re bleeding.  We’ve been through a war that has us shattered to the core in some cases.  And ugliness comes out as a result.  Try as hard as we may we can’t just get it together…can’t stop the bitter waters from coming out.  So what do we do with that? Paint on a face that says we’re ok? Probably. But, in the secret recesses of who we are, we’re not ok. But, God is there. He longs to tend to our wounds.  He sees beyond our facade, beyond the painted face.  He sees beyond the seeping bandages that we use to cover ourselves.  The nasty of our wounds does not offend Him.  I dont know about you, but sometimes my heart is so hardened….but God comes in so tenderly like He’s wrapping His hands around my heart…eventually the hardness breaks.  I need help in that area at times, I admit. Yet there’s no condemnation…God knows all of my story, knows all the details…knows why the hardness is there AND He helps me with it.

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