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Trained Well

Sometimes a storm comes, consuming your senses. Panic surges through you…indeed, you are consumed because there is a lie playing in your mind that tells you that what happened in your past, the very same thing, is about to repeat itself.  You remember the trauma of the past and this circumstance makes it as if you were back THERE….your heart fails within you…it FEELS exactly the same. BUT, let me encourage you in something.  I know it’s hard, I know it’s consuming….but in that moment of dreadful PANIC, hit the pause button and let God speak.  I think this is what He MAY say/show you… are not who you used to be …. you are not where you used to be.  See, in your feelings in that moment you may anticipate that what happened last time is about to repeat.  But, let me say it again, YOU ARE NOT WHO YOU USED TO BE….when God has delivered you from something you are no longer held captive to it or by it….when the rope is severed, it is severed completely.  YOU ARE NO LONGER BOUND. In the panic, take a moment to remind yourself that you are FREE from that thing.  God is ALWAYS readily available to comfort, guide, give direction.

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God is Close to the Brokenhearted

Sometimes I think we’ve become so far removed from the human condition of suffering. I wonder if it is because we run from how much we are really hurting. We try to stuff the pain away… set it on a shelf somewhere, drag our hearts through the rubble so that we can survive. In doing so, our hearts become calloused… we come out of touch with reality, our own reality. We are so wounded… bleeding all over the place and sometimes the message that can be perceived convinces us that we need to “get it together” so that we can be something for someone else. I believe God is interested in US… in our bleeding hearts. I’m reminded of Jesus… He was on His way to do some mission, someone needed Him… and during His transition He was in the midst of a crowd and suddenly He said, who touched me? Here was this woman who I’m sure desperately needed His touch. As she reached for His garment she was healed. Somewhere within that story, I cant help but wonder if Jesus heard her… heard her spirit, heard her bleeding heart, heard what was going on on the inside of her. I’m sure He did, I’m thoroughly convinced that He saw and knew everything the woman felt and He stopped for her because He knew. I believe He feels the same way about us… He sees and He knows ALL… AND He will stop for us. Dont be afraid to reach for Him… even in the times when it seems like He’s not even there…He hears the unspoken.

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Feeling like your world is falling apart? Are you sensing a deep feeling of despair? Do you feel like the carpet has been ripped from underneath your feet and you feel like you’re free falling about to hit rock bottom…hard? And even though you may have hit rock bottom, does it still feel like you’re falling to a bottomless pit where you feel isolated and alone, abandoned by everyone and everything? I can understand. It is a very dark place. In the past I had built my life on faulty foundations. My dependency (what I perceived was my source of comfort and strength…the thing I believed could sustain my life) was in unstable things. Surely, the carpet had been ripped from underneath my feet and I too was free falling. And in the course of my life this happened several times, not only once. It was the most frightening experience I have ever felt. I had never felt such a deep, profound sense of despair such as this. My life was plagued with mourning day after day. I felt inconsolable like no one understood the depth and magnitude of where I was. And yet, I met God there. In the place of my greatest despair HE CAME TO ME. I did not have to search Him out. In amongst my sobs of great pain I could hear Him whispering my name in the dark dungeon that had become my life and He was consoling me, touching my despair with tender hands. Every time I cried He was there. Nothing I was going through scared Him off. He never left and because of this I allowed Him to come to me closer each time. God took me and accepted me right where I was. He began working on me and my trust with Him and even understood that I did not trust Him and He knew why and yet He did not condemn me. For years He slowly took me where I was and began repairing my foundation – removing the dark ugly things, healing the broken places, planting in me the things that were lacking. He has become my foundation. I trust Him now because of where I’ve been. I encourage you, let the Lord come to your brokenness. He will repair you and build you, a beautiful magnificent structure, with a sure, solid foundation-Himself. And even when you are anxious with Him, He understands and He loves you anyway.

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