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Today has been a rougher day of sorts.  I’m feeling tired…probably in every dimension (emotionally, spiritually, physically, etc.) The journey has been demanding…exhausting.  I get tired of moving forward…tired of struggling…tired of battling.  But in my world, I’m gently reminded of my security.  I know that God is right there with me in my box.  That even though life is hard and demanding and tiring, my security SAFELY rests in Him.  This wasnt always the case. In my past I built my life upon unstable ground and suffered the consequence thereof.  Well, I’m not in my past!  My security is in God; therefore, no matter what curveball comes my way in life I’m still secure.  My feelings will feel the effect of the curveball, but my foundation will stand firm in the midst of. When I know that my foundation is secure I can rest….rest my head knowing I have my Answer to every problem, to every trial, to every difficulty.  In this world sometimes you will be stripped of everything. Take comfort in the fact that God doesnt leave & remind yourself that you’re safe…you have firm footing in Him at ALL times. Sometimes God will strip you of all other opportunities so that your only option is Him.

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