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Sometimes we are like a dry sponge….we soak up all that is around us….all the nasty, rough, ugly…and that’s what starts to come out of us. Or nasty, rough, ugly is already inside of us because of hurt, pain…unhealed. But we can create a place to dump all that out. Dump out the pain, hurt. Get rid of nasty. Create space for beauty again. We can learn to heal. It’s kind of like a bucket. If the bucket is full of ugly, that’s all that will come out. But the more that the ugly is dealt with and resolved, the more space is in the bucket for beauty to be poured in again. When beauty is poured in, it can then be poured out. I really believe some of us can become climate changers. That even if we are the hurt ones…as we heal, we receive beauty again and can therefore create beauty. What if we then become a sponge, who though even surrounded by rough, nasty, pain, etc, creates beauty. When squeezed…nothing comes out but beauty, not nasty. We can change the climate. It’s possible.

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