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Reverse the Negative into Something Positive

Sometimes there is an event or a series of events that are catastrophic to our very lives themselves. Pain comes, heartache, deep wounding. The severity is like a never ending storm that brings waves that threaten to overtake us frequently, at the very moment when we think we have a little breathing room. That’s when despair rushes in once again. Here’s what I’m saying…yes, it’s painful…in a very, very deep place in the heart where only ache resides. We can choose to stay there.  Or we can take that negative energy, change it’s course, and allow it to propel us into something positive. What am I talking about? Every time pain and disappointment come from one angle…express feeling about it, then choose to do something positive in return. As an example….somebody tries to tear you down with their abusive words/ways? Don’t stay stuck in it. Go and encourage someone else…build someone else up. Why? Because I think it prohibits bitter waters from taking up residence in our hearts. We can’t change people. We can only choose to respond in a positive manner, even if that means elsewhere. Take what was meant for evil and use it for good. Recalibrate the negative into something positive.

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