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Light shines the brightest when it is surrounded by darkness.  I’m sitting here thinking about my mini Christmas trees on my porch… during the day I could plug those two in and their light would shine but it would not be as obvious.  However, when darkness appears they become a thing of beauty and clearly stand out. If I would remove them from the source of power their light would cease to exist.  So, what is my point? In life we shine the brightest when surrounded by darkness. The darkness does not overcome us when we are plugged into our Source.  Dont be afraid to stand out clearly when surrrounded by darkness…after all, isnt that what light is created to do? It is way more comfortable to be surrounded by light because it is just like us, but I think many times God purposefully puts us in a dark spot where it is uncomfortable for us, yet it is a place where light is desperately needed. Sometimes we have to choose between the place of our comfort and the place where our light is needed. In the darkness we ALWAYS can plug into our Source of power.

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