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These days we are living in can be rough and tumultuous.  In the midst of the storms of life we look for a voice.  One to lead, guide, guard, protect.  One that will speak wise counsel without shaming us.  A leader who’s life emanates hope, love, life.  One who sees all of who we are and loves us still… unconditionally.  So, where do we find this leader?  The voice of support?  The one WE can lean on?  The one who holds us as long as it takes…. and then we know we are safe; that we are loved? This Leader is God Himself.  His desire is for YOU.  He desires to fill that missing void… that missing voice.  Yet, sometimes it’s hard to get God because we have no earthly example to help us understand who He is.  I know that’s my story.  I’ve always been the strong one.  Always the leader.  Always the aggressive one.  The voice of influence.  I have had many influential leaders in my life who have strategically spoke into my life at the exact time I needed them; however, when searching for someone to lead me for a lifetime I found none.  My bitter disappointment is evolving to gratefulness as I realize this is a divine opportunity for God to be the One I’ve been seeking, because He is.  He is the One I’ve been looking for.  He has walked through all of my valleys and has sat on mountaintops with me.  He has been the One who has stuck with me through thick and thin.   Along the way as I have walked with Him He has tucked valuable jewels into my pockets on our journey.  I wish to share some with you.  By all means these writings are not intended to be a prescription from me to you.  Instead,  I desire to help prompt and enlighten your spiritual senses to understand that God is pursuing you.  He is speaking to you in every form all around you.  I desire to help you meet God as your Sought After Leader to fill your void of the voice.

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