Experiencing A Break In Relationship

You ever notice how painful it is to lose someone you love? Do you wrestle with truly letting them go or being angry with the one who seemed to turn his/ her back on you? Sometimes the distance is there physically, but not emotionally.  Some part of our heart remains invested in the relationship…we dont want to let go…we dont want to lose hope of reconciling. I will say that with some relationships maybe the answer is to reconcile at some point, but here is where the challenge lies:  do you ever wonder if maybe that person was removed out of your life for a reason? Was it God who shut the door and it is us who  wrestles to keep the door open? Sometimes it’s hard to wrap my mind around the fact that what appears to be good is not in my best interest; therefore, God’s answer may be to shut the door. This is where my trust in Him comes into play.  Sometimes He says no…there’s always a reason, though we may not see it or understand it, ever.  But when His answer is no or let the door shut, it is always in OUR best interest. Dont fight to keep the door open in something that He has closed.

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