Hate is such a strong word, dont ya think? But for some of us, hatred is what lies beneath the surface…tucked somewhere in the foundation of who we are.  Many times I think something volatile has happened which wreaked havoc in our lives….something painful causing much brokeness. In turn we may have buried something explosive…not necessarily on purpose but maybe because the resources we so desperately needed were not available.  So we live…with explosive material infused into who we are.  Sometimes we keep trying to run away from it…dodge it…be done with it, but it does not go away.  I want to encourage you that even if the help that you desire is not anywhere on your horizon, seek out help.  And if it goes nowhere on your first, second, third attempt…keep seeking and dont give up because it is possible to live free of that buried hurt.  Give voice to your feelings…voice to your pain.  Keep at it and the million pounds of weight will begin to dissipate.

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