Relationships, unfortunately, have been a source of turmoil and heartbreak in my life for a couple of different reasons.  I didn’t understand some things… It is wise to observe a person’s character and trustworthiness BEFORE you open up deeply and show them the deep parts of your heart.  You need to know that you can trust them.  Sometimes we can get desperate for anyone to listen that we choose the wrong type to avail ourselves to.  It is wise to have a healthy outlet of a person/people to listen.  It’s easy to start building an open level of intimacy without establishing some level of commitment…if you lay it all out there to a person, especially the opposite sex, it’s wise to have commitment there.  Our hearts are very valuable and shatter very easily.  When this happens it usually affects a good majority of our lives; therefore, we ought to guard our hearts and invest wisely. The time it takes to wait and observe is well worth it in the end. (This is not to say that any relationship will be perfect but it is good to be able to distinguish between healthy & unhealthy traits. And I will always agree that self reflection and commitment to personal growth is necessary in life in order to understand our affect on others and clarify our own perceptions of reality. In the end the only way we know what’s what is by listening to the voice of God.)

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