There are some things that happen in life that are just plain difficult.  We dont understand them and yet our lives are put at a point of emotional turmoil.  We look at the situation and the end result makes no sense whatsoever.  We try as hard as we may to figure it out.  Where did I go wrong? How could this happen? I’ve been thinking about such situations.  In the Bible (Ecclesiates 3) it talks about timing.  There’s a time for this then a time for that.  For example a time to plant and a time to uproot what has been planted. I bring up timing because sometimes when things are not making sense it is because we are still trying to invest ourselves in what was happening in the last season.  The clock has changed to a new time but we are still attached to the previous step.  Sometimes we may have left it physically, but not emotionally and that’s why it’s hard to move on.  I think it is encouraging to remember that we have many more seasons out in FRONT of us.  That even though some steps may have been difficult and consumed us emotionally the good days are still ahead…and we’re going to get there.  It’s ok to let the past be the past…today we can redefine what our lives are all about.

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