Embracing Loss

First a story… I had this landscaping tree that I loved planted in my yard…it had been there for awhile.  There was nothing spectacular about this tree…I just liked it.  Well, the harsh winter came this past year killing it’s root system.  I watched as it turned orange hoping the green would come back…it did not. My landlord uprooted it…leaving the ground bare for a bit.  Then he planted a new shrub…one that will take time to produce something of beauty. It reminded me of my life…the things which at one point were green, alive yet at some point died.  I suffered the loss.  And just as the dead tree had to be uprooted I understand that those dead things in my life must be pulled up by the roots.  While that causes pain, eventually new things will be planted in the soil of my life and though it may take time those things will eventually bring forth beauty.

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