In Decision Making…Wait

Standing at the edge of a major decision haste will quicken within you…if you dont hurry right now and jump with two feet in, you will miss it…this chance will never come back around,  you will miss out, it says.  Yet  caution whispers slow…slowerrrr.  Fear, panic grips your heart..lending your eyes back and forth…go? wait? go?  Fear will be the thing that pushes you, nearing an edge that promises eventual danger though its immediate repercussion is not always obvious at first. Ive been there many times…jumping in with both feet because I allowed fear and immediate gratification to override wisdom.  In the end, every time my heart paid dearly.  I’ ve learned it to be wise to not be hasty…to instead linger, to wait…to learn to see clearly and protect my heart first.  Without these things devestation is close at hand.

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