Do you feel stuck? Stagnant? Like you’re in a place but not going anywhere because of what you see, hear, feel?  This place may be familiar, dry, seeming to lack in what it is that you need and/or desire. Is it in this place where you want to throw your hands up and give up because it feels like you’re aimlessly walking around in circles? It is a hard place to be, I understand, because quite often my environment speaks to me that I’m out here simply wandering in the desert. It is difficult to not be overwhelmed by the conditions at times. However, there is a still confidence because I know that the Lord has led me to this place. When I quiet my soul, God helps me shift my perspective to a different dimension. I can REST in the fact that even though my environment is not optimum in my eyes that much progress, growth, moving, shifting is taking place deep in the embers of my spirit. As long as I know that I am progressing spiritually, I have hope to continue on the straight and narrow. I encourage YOU. If God has led you to a hard place, discern what He is doing behind the scenes and choose to STAY.

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