Focus tends to be the place where I stumble. There is a main event happening and yet I hear/see everything going on in the sidelines. I have a brain that loves to multi task and I give great attention to detail which is of benefit in many circumstances, but not all. God is teaching me focus… to maintain attention to the main event because that is where He is. That is the very place where He speaks to me. So of course because this is the case, distractions come to pull my ears and eyes away from Him. Peter walked on water as long as he maintained focus…when his eyes were fixed He went to the place where Jesus was and did something that was impossible. But the waves came. And indeed, the waves will come in our lives to cause distraction. Sometimes I think they roar and bang so loudly in an increasing tumultuous endeavor to steal at least a glance. It doesn’t matter what is going on around us and/or what others are or are not doing. God speaks in the midst of distraction… listen for the still small voice. One more thing…I get distracted because of what is going on in my own heart. I’ve learned not to deny or repress my feelings but to deal with my heart straightforward and take whatever it is to God. When I know that my issue of concern is safely placed in God’s hands, I can stay focused on the task at hand…even if I have to place that thing in His hands every day or even multiple times per day.

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