Rocking the Boat

You ever feel like you’re always the one causing a ruckus? Always rocking the boat… stirring up what appears to be distress or confusion? Have you been told to be quiet, to simmer down, to quit causing confusion? Does that cause you to question yourself? Ummm, D, all the above for me, lol. I’ve realized for my entire life that I’m quite different from normal, or what is to be expected. Mostly what I have to say at most times is not embraced and this has caused me to question myself at times. And yet, I’ve walked with God through A LOT. I know His voice. I know when He is speaking to me. I still struggle at times with the questioning myself because what I see and hear and say a lot of times appears so different. So, God encourages me. In Jeremiah, God told Jeremiah what He was to do…what it was to look like: (Jeremiah 1:9-10 NIV “ See, today I appoint you over nations and kingdoms to UPROOT AND TEAR DOWN, TO DESTROY AND OVERTHROW, TO BUILD AND TO PLANT.”) Sometimes there is great error in the foundation and therefore calls for uprooting, tearing down, destroying, overthrowing SO THAT building and planting can occur. At times, there are things that must be destroyed, pulled up by the roots, knocked down…changed in the foundation BEFORE building and planting can take place. God calls people to do these types of things, though it appears in the natural like a bad thing. When God speaks and we know that we’ve heard, we must move confidently in Him and do/speak what He is saying. We cannot allow misinterpretation from ourselves or others to sway us away from the task He’s called us to.

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