We must know where our identity, value, worth come from. GOD determines WHO we are, not people. We must constantly encourage ourselves in who GOD says that we are. It is so easy, too easy, to internalize the reactions and responses from other people in everyday interactions that may persuade what we believe about ourselves. That sounds like a lot of jargon, so let me explain. If you go into work one day and the person beside you has an attitude and does not speak to you, how do you feel about that? Do you internalize their response as a negative attack on who YOU are? Maybe they are just having a bad day. How other people respond to us in life is no indication of who we are. Let me say that again, OTHER PEOPLE’S WAY OF HANDLING THEMSELVES IS NO INDICATION OF WHO WE ARE. Our value, our worth does not change in reference to our circumstances or those around us. Who we are remains constant. Our value and worth remain constant despite of our circumstances. LOVE yourself for who God says you are and hold steadfast to your value, even under pressure.

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