Following God-Letting Peace Lead the Way

You know, following God can be very interesting because sometimes He strips you of everything-all of your natural senses and wants you to still follow.  It’s kinda like you’re in a moving vehicle to which you are the driver but you cannot see anything, though you do hear what is going on in the atmosphere around you.  Many voices are trying to lend their direction…even your own brain is in a tumultuous battle of trying to figure out the path in front you and where you should be.  And yet, there is this still small voice deep on the inside of you speaking… leading… giving direction.  Quiet yourself… both from your state of internal battle as well as what the natural atmosphere would speak to you and listen.  God always leads His children in safety.  Let Peace so rule your spirit… I pray that your sense of peace in your spirit would be so strong when you are where you should be in where you are going and that there be a strong sense of unrest when you are about to venture outside of God’s will.  Allow sensitivity in your spirit to heed the voice of God.  His leading is always by love and protection.

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