Do You Argue Guilty or Innocent?

Imagine yourself in the courtroom to which on the stand sets one whom has commited acts of harm personally for your destruction or one whom it is clearly evident is not participating in acts that display viable character.  When given the chance to speak you present a well defined case with multiple instances in which the person is clearly in the wrong.  Repeated offenses of behavior heighten your stance that justice needs served and he/she needs to experience severe consequence in hope that either he/she will feel some sort of conviction for what they have done or that a change of heart will occur.  And of course you have every intention of suggesting how severe the consequence should be.  Every explaination inclinating to understanding underlying issues is countered by your attempt to prove that he/she is still in the wrong.  You want him/her to see, to understand just how he/she has affected YOU.  Your case is presented in such a way to sway the view of all involved in your audience that without a doubt what you are saying is right.  And yet, in the middle of your argument the scene freezes.  For a few moments you are drawn away from this courtroom into the scene of your personal life.  You too have made many mistakes, but you always believed that you had a right heart.  You felt judged by the critics on the sidelines-though none of them could see what was really going on inside of you.  And, as the accusations came your way of the wrong you have done there was One who stood in the way of your justice being served.  There was One who argued your case.  There was One who stood against all of your accusers and each time represented you as innocent.  At that time you wondered who would make such a stand for you.  You may have known the state of your heart, but clearly your actions proved that you were wrong and should suffer.  But there was still the One who fought for mercy on your behalf.  You wonder how someone could be so gracious to see the best when clearly you were acting your worse.  As you stand on the side of accusation tears begin rolling down your face.  Your heart is being squeezed in the hand of a God who triumphs in mercy over judgement.  Suddenly, you lay down your case before the Judge.  Slowly you walk over to the other side-to the side of the defense- and have a seat quietly saying, “I have no other argument.”  The Judge declares-“You are free to go-your case has been dismissed.”  As you sit and watch the person walk off the stand you break down.  Sobbing aloud you realize just how merciful and loving God is.

(One verse that tends to repeatedly clarify the intent of my heart is Hebrews 7:24b: …He always lives to make intercession for them.  I picture Jesus standing at the right hand of His Father always presenting us to Him in light of mercy.  No matter what we have done, Jesus always argues mercy for us.  It helps to clarify my stance with others-sometimes when I think I am so righteous and others are not I want to remind myself that ALL of us have fallen short of the glory of God.  Jesus, God, the Holy Spirit are perfect.  If they take a stand on our behalf even though our deeds proclaim us guilty, who am I to ever argue in opposition? No one.  In the courtroom my arguement is always wrong unless of course I stand on the side that pursues mercy on behalf of another.)

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