Trusting God

You can trust God.  I’ll say it again-yes, it’s true, you can trust God.  If God had no intent on keeping His promise to you He would not have spoken a promise to you in the first place.  Let me explain in a true life example.  I had this job where the transition of my clients’ next step was FULLY in my hands.  I made all the proper arrangements in order for them to leave one place and begin the next, new thing.  I am a hard worker and am very diligent in my work ethic.  I would bend over backwards and up again to make sure that what I said would happen would actually happen and on time.  I had many people to take care of at once and was a very busy person on the job because the transition of many people were in my hands all at once.  I knew all of the time and effort and intricate details of each person entrusted into my care.  However, my clients only understood what was happening on the surface level.  For many of them, I simply had them sign a paper to release proper documentation and they did not hear from me for weeks.  Some would stop me in the hall asking me where I was in my work with their specific case.  I believe panic would set in for some of them because they saw me interacting with their peers and discussing their peers’ details for departure to the next step.  Some of them thought that because I did not speak to them for awhile that I had forgotten about their case.  I didn’t but they could not see all of the work I did for their case behind the scenes.  They simply had to trust my word that when I said I would take care of them that I meant it.  Occasionally I would ask my clients, “you don’t trust me, do you?”  They would laugh.  I would laugh.  Point well taken for the client.  Point well taken for me.  This obejct lesson completly mirrored my take on God.  So many times I felt like the client who was watching everyone else move on or have details discussed or whatever and I’m left on the couch day after day wondering if God forgot about me.  He said to me, “Just as you knew without a doubt what you were doing behind the scenes for each client and had complete faith in your ability to follow through with the next step of their transition, so you should have the same level of faith in me.  I will not let you down.  Although you may not see all that I do behind the scenes of your life, I am truly working on your behalf always.  Sometimes all you have to stand on is the simple fact that I made a promise to you.  It doesnt matter what seems to be happening around you.  It doesnt matter that it looks like nothing is happening on the surface.  I have made a promise to you and I fully intend on keeping my promise to you.”  Be encouraged to follow God no matter what it looks like on the surface.  He taught me another thing about obedience…  Obedience to God is not like trying to train an animal.  You do what I want you to do and I will give you a treat.  Obedience rather is this… God wants good for your life.  He wants you to have His best and He is trying to lead you to His best.  The dreams and desires that He has placed in your life He wants to fufill.  However, the path that it takes to get there rarely looks like it makes sense to our natural understanding and we therefore doubt God’s leading because of our interpretation of the path.  We jump off and do our own thing wondering why we still are not receiving His best.  Follow through with God’s path.  He is leading you to His best.  Disregard what appears to be the case on the surface level.  Be led by your spiritual senses and not your natural conclusion.  If you are off the path somewhere else, take courage, God will get you back on track.  It’s not a lost cause & it’s not too late.  And, He has not left you.  He will even use the things that were meant to harm you for your benefit 🙂  Sometimes those little trip ups in the road become the greatest part of our testimony.

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