God’s Orchestra

Saxophones are one of the most beautiful instruments ever created, especially when a melody and harmony intertwine with each other presenting a soothing deep to the soul.  I am reminded of how God has created each one of us with a sound all of our own which brings forth unique, peculiar beauty; however, when paired creates such synergy in an orchestra with others unlike itself.  We all have been strategically created to bring forth a sound that resonates the glory of God each in our own key.  We have been created different for a purpose.  When we focus on our relationship with God our sound blossoms forth into a beautiful language called love.  He calls us to be unique…to be different.  To BE our song with all that we are.  To fully express His peculiar image in a personal way.  Eventually we find that our differences are good.  We compliment each other when we all fully express all that we are and enjoy others fully as they are.  Each instrument has its own place, its own sound and together we bring forth the same love song in unison with God Himself as our conductor.  I challenge you, as well as myself, to enjoy yourself fully in who God has created you to be and fully accept others in who God has called them to be without trying to change anyone else to be the same instrument as you.

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