Your Words (For Women)

You must understand the impact of your words.  You carry great influence in the lives of men by what you say.  Your voice needs to be in subjection to God.  We women love to talk.  But without self control and discipline your words have a great chance of carrying much destruction.  See the account of Adam and Eve in Genesis.  God commanded the man to not eat from the tree of good and evil.  Then, woman comes along and says & does what she thinks she should do.  Her voice did not align with what God had commanded; therefore, she created an opportunity for Adam to be weak.  He was put in a position where He needed to make a decision-do I follow God or do I follow the woman?  Now, you are not going to be on top of things ALL the time.  At times your voice will play into this dysfunction without you realizing it until after the temptation to fall has already been created.  I’m not suggesting perfection here.  I want to enlighten you about how influential your voice is in the spiritual life of men.  Bring your voice in subjection to God!  Work on self discipline and the art of silence.  You must be silent so that you can hear God BEFORE you speak and act.  I know this is tough; however, aligning your voice with God’s voice creates the opportunity for divine order.  Even if it seems like chaos is created on the surface level do not fall for the temptation to make decisions according to your own flesh.  Following God’s voice may create some turmoil.  This is okay because you are calling the man to a higher standard to follow God and not the voice of the devil or his own flesh.  BE VERY CAREFUL OF WHO YOUR VOICE IS ALIGNING WITH!!

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