Who Are You Following? (For Women)

Dear Beloved Daughter of God-

Be very careful of who you follow.  The desire in you to follow a man is great.  It is a yearning and a deep desire of your heart.  God designed man to be the spiritual leader of the woman & his family.  If you begin following a man who is not following God, he will indeed lead you away from God which is not love at all.  He, by himself, must be actively pursuing God Himself…alone before He will ever have the capability of leading you spiritually toward God and not himself.  You must be aware of the tendency to follow those who are leading in some capacity or another.   Women were designed to come under someone else (a husband). However, for your relationship to be healthy order MUST be established which means the man is actively pursuing God alone and you are actively purusing God alone for a season to be determined by God.  Without this alone time with God, man will have the tendency to elevate the woman above God and the woman will have the tendency to elevate the man above God.  Proper order is God above ALL else. NO ONE should be closer to you than God.  If there is someone who is too close, YOU take initiative and move back.  Always make sure God is at the center and that nothing or no one is in His place.

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