Refuse To Lay There… Get Up And Walk!

Some of you wish to be carried by someone else and others of you wish to carry others.  What do I mean?  Well for one, rescuing.  Are you looking for a person to rescue you?  Rescue you out of your life’s situation and fix whatever problems you have?  Someone who will pick you up, carry you, heal you?   Are you wanting to be carried by another?  To feel safe in the arms of another?  To rest in the fact that someone else is feeling the burden that you have carried for so long?  STOP looking for what you already have!!!  I can’t over-emphasize this enough and I pray you get this.  GOD….GOD…..GOD is your comforter, deliverer, healer, refuge.  So why look for a person who is going to fix you?  They cant!!  They cant fix you! Every time you seek out a person to solve your problems you will be sorely disappointed. Save yourself the heartache and understand that the more you keep looking, searching for something you think you need to survive you will keep missing the One that you need. GOD desires to walk with YOU. Mature spiritual men and women WALK with God and when necessary are carried by GOD.  I am reminded of the story where the man with an infirmity LAID by the pool and waited for someone to pick him up and put him in the pool.  After an encounter with God, he walked (John 5:1-9).  Do you think in your misery the fact that no one comes by to put you in a specific situation is a divine opportunity for you to have encounter with God?  Look for Him and Him alone.  He wants to have an encounter with you.  He is the One who will touch you to the deepest levels.  Let Him go there with you.  When you find your eyes start to drift and grasp for someone else… return to Him… return to the Answer you already have.  As a side note, if you are a rescuer who steps in to constantly to rescue someone out of something where you have no business being, realize that you may keep stepping in a place where God wants to move in that person’s life and you’re in the way.  Look at the story in John again.  Imagine if someone was there all the time who put the man in the  pool… he/she would push Jesus aside… “excuse me Jesus… I need to get this man in the pool for dont you realize…he needs MY help!.”  Can you imagine that?  Clearly a person asking Jesus to step aside so that he/she could perform whatever they wish would be out of line.  Yet, we do it all the time!  We are closer to some people than they allow God to be close to them.  DANGEROUS POSITION!! If you are closer to them than God, MOVE!  If you do not move you will become their god.  All of their expectations that they should place on God will be on you.  Then wonder why disappointment comes?  Keep proper order.

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