He Is Waiting For YOU

We have so much hustle and bustle in life.  So much to do… so much to see… so much that went on… so much hurt… so much pain… so much emptiness… so much thrill… so much excitement.  We follow after worthless pursuits to try and remedy the past, hope for the future, and survive in the present.  On the external while we are trying to convince ourselves that what we are pursuing is worth it, our bloody, bruised hearts scream for attention from the inside.  We are desperately sick. We are in need of a touch… of comfort… the sense of being held and therefore a knowing that everything will be alright.  Sometimes we refuse to stop running long enough to allow ourselves to be held.  Held in the gracious arms of God.  The One who wipes away every tear.  The One who doesn’t ask us to stop our tears.  The One who listens without interjecting.  The One without criticism.  The One who knows every minute detail of our story without explanation.  He longs for us.  He longs to hold us without selfish intent.  Out of all the people or things that could be pursued to help ease our distress, He hopes that we choose Him.  He loves you!! Sometimes that is so hard to understand when we have no reference point for unconditional love in real life.  Yet, if you give Him time, He will prove His love for YOU specifically.  It blows my mind how in love God is with us.  Here’s a story that may help paint a picture for you:  This morning I woke up and deep in my heart I felt God as if He were sitting there staring at me while I slept with a deep, satisfied smile on His face.  Eventually saying, “Good morning!….. I’ve been waiting for YOU to awake……  I just want to spend time with you because I love you so much and I want to be near you….it doesnt matter what we do…. I just want to spend this time with YOU….”  Keep in mind, I havent taken a shower, havent brushed my teeth, havent cleaned up one bit…. and my hair is a mess.  God doesnt care!  His love is just so beautiful… so innocent… so pure.  He has a way about Him… He will touch your heart to the deepest depths in a way you have known never before, if you let Him go there.  He is so tender.  Always willing to be whatever you need Him to be… and never with selfish intent.  It’s amazing, literally.  So, right in the hustle and bustle, God is pursuing you…waiting in the shadows for you to turn to Him because He wants to be your everything.  And, He is the only One who can fulfill that role.  Sometimes when I feel my heart screaming within I simply lay face down on the floor and say, “God I just need You.”  He is there, always.  Never in my life have I had a person or a thing be right where I need them/it to be ALL the time… and the thing about God is… He beats you there… He is already waiting for you.

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