You and the Status Quo

Stop looking around at the status quo and wonder why your life doesn’t make sense.  It’s not supposed to.  You are a leader.  You are on a path ordained by God.  You are not meant to fit in to the status quo of the group.  Stop comparing yourself to those you are leading.  When God calls you out from the group more than likely you will look vastly different.  You need to learn to be okay with it.  The revelation you receive is far beyond the depth of the understanding of those you lead.  You will learn to live your life in this higher realm.  All that seems common to you will not seem common to the group because of the realm you walk in.  It will seem like your life is on display for the entire world to critique and people will.  They will misread you, misunderstand you, judge you-all of that.  Keep your heart pure toward them and remember that you have an audience of One.  God is the one you are to follow, not people’s opinion of what you should be or do.  Yes you are there to serve but under God’s direction not people’s direction.  This is the essence of learning to please God, not man.  When you know what God wants you to do simply do that.  Don’t worry about how people respond.  Their response is their issue not yours.  When you lead you are leading with spiritual direction; therefore, many times what you are doing will challenge people’s flesh to die because you are speaking to their spirit.  When you speak to someone’s spirit many times their flesh will retaliate against what you are saying if the flesh is undisciplined.  Or it may be a spirit that is operating in them that they have yet to be delivered from. Remember that your wrestle is not against flesh and blood.  Continue to speak & lead as the Lord directs you.

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