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Miss Independent-

You have been used to doing everything for yourself all of your life.  You have learned to rely on no one but yourself.  If you need something you find out a way to obtain whatever you need.  You learn to trust no one but yourself because in the past most others whom you had trusted in let you down.  At some point in your life, God will begin to challenge your belief system and how you currently operate.  God Himself wants to be in relationship with you so much so that your dependency shifts to not relying on yourself but on Him.  He wants to bless you and give you good things, but He can’t give you anything if you refuse to relinquish control.  It’s easy to run after whatever it is you want because that is the pattern you have learned.  However, if you want to receive a gift you must learn to sit on a throne, Princess, with your Heavenly Father and receive His gifts with an open hand.  The cool thing about God is He will start you out small.  Ask Him for the desires of your heart-smaller things.  When He fulfills your desire your trust in Him will begin to blossom.  This encourages your level of faith to trust Him for the big things in your life.  Walking out this process will teach you that your Father loves you and desires to bless you with gifts that you do not obtain yourself.  Think about when it is your birthday-people bring you gifts to bless you.  You don’t go out and buy all of your gifts (or do you? lol).

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