Guard Your Heart

Guard not only your body but also your heart.  Your heart and your body are sacred treasures.  At times it is very difficult to guard your heart in relationships, especially with men, because you desire for them to see you and to know you in the most intimate way-naked.  When there is nothing between you and a man and you are fully exposed in regard to your body and sexual intimacy takes place, sacred union occurs.  This unity is meant for the marriage bed only because when you are that intimate with someone the worst betrayal will occur when the covenant is not carried out and the union is broken.  The after affects are devastating.  Likewise, guard your heart.  As a woman you long to give your entire heart to a man and be fully known as you are; however, if you allow yourself to be exposed emotionally where you invest all of your heart into a man to whom you have no covenant relationship (marriage) you may end up equally devastated.  The naked heart and naked body were meant to be cherished by a man to whom you are in covenant relationship (marriage) with.  You were created to be in relationship involving intimacy, so how do you learn to share your heart in a healthy way?  Find a godly woman  whom you admire.  Learn to observe her character from a distance and ask God if she is worthy of your trust.  If she is, develop a relationship with her.  In your relationships with men learn to follow God’s leading because He will teach you how to guard your heart.  He loves you as His daughter and will ALWAYS lead you with the motive of Pure Love.

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