Focus In The Hard Place #1 & #2


Focus is of optimum importance when being in a hard place.   Many distractions will come to tempt you to take your eyes off of God.  When you begin focusing on the “where” of where you are you will begin to sink because the where seems to make absolutely no sense to your carnal mind.  Keep your eyes focused on God.  Even in the extreme hard places blessing exists where it seems only the worst is possible.  Allow these opportunities to make you stronger.


In amongst your distractions Jesus simultaneously beckons to you, “Come.”  Do not wait until the waves of distraction die down enough for you to adhere to His voice that beckons you forward.  It is a miraculous moment.  You are about to do something that seems theoretically impossible.  The only thing that tempts you to cease from moving forward are those crazy waves of distraction and probably the desire to go backward.  The more you move forward the louder they probably get. He beckons you and the distractions beckon you.  The war within you for your focus continues. When you feel yourself starting to sink simply shift your focus back on Jesus to continue moving forward.

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