It seems we try so hard to prove who we are by so many external things that really do not matter.  We think, maybe if I was in shape I would accept myself, maybe if I had the right job I would accept myself, maybe if I had the right relationship then I would be okay, or If I only had more money, etc.  When will we learn to accept ourselves as loved by God period and that we need not spend futile time to gain others’ acceptance of us?  Our identity is not based on what we have or what we do or where we’re going.  It’s not even based on how many people approve of us.  When it all boils down, we are all the same.  Imagine if we were stripped of our material possessions and our careers and our money and/or whatever else we use to define ourselves.  We are all the same.  I challenge us to become people who see others & ourselves for who they/we are on the inside and not what they/we have or what they/we do.

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