Are You In A Hurry?

So this one day I am in a hurry to get my stuff together to jump in the car and head out to work. Well of course there is sloppy wet snow all over my car by the bucketfuls. Great… because my rear defroster isnt working. And I recently just woke up, grabbed a coffee, & headed to the shower. I had no idea how much it snowed. So I toss the stuff in the car & start sweeping down the car. A few moments later I`m headed down the main road. No too shabby… or so I think. The snow plow is right in front of me… crawling. Blah! I need to get to work & the earlier the better! What the heck! So, being the experienced snow driver that I am I glance to the passing lane. It looks horrendous! Well that`s out and me riding the back end of a plow truck surely isn`t the smartest. So I sit back doing a little huffing… slightly irritated. Yet I thought, really? What`s the big rush anyhow? It`s not like I was going to be late actually I would be early for work. I backed off the plow and let him do his thing while I followed. Huh…. What a change of pace. Then I thought to myself isnt this just like life? In such a hurry to get somewhere because we think we are so experienced. Sometimes delays… or what may cause us to slow down a bit on our journey is truly a blessing in disguise… put there for our safety. Instead of trying to figure a way around it, maybe we should just slow down a bit, enjoy the ride, and allow something else divinely put in our path the ability to protect us.

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