You Are Not Indispensable

Yes, God has called you to be a leader; however, you are not indispensable to people.  You must go away-and go away often.  Alone with the Lord.  Look how many times Jesus left those who followed Him and even His disciples to be alone with His Father.  Why?  He needed taken care of Himself.  He needed to pour His heart out to His Father.  So many times, as leaders and Christians, we feel such obligation to almost be the savior of the world.  So many people that need reached, so much that needs done.  We get caught up in the doing. There is One who is the Savior.  And guess what?  The Savior Himself is pursuing YOU.  He wants to spend time with YOU.  He wants to be first in your life.  Not your ministry and not other people.  Yet, we feel such a pull to perform for other people.  To impress them.  To show them how much we are like God.  To take care of their needs.  There is One we are to please.  That is God.  God knows what goes on on the inside of us.  We never need to impress Him. And actually the Bible says we are to say that which we hear Him say… do what we see Him doing (John 5:19 & John 12:49-50).  Does that finally release you from that sense of obligation?  Spend time with God and sees what He would have you do and simply do that.  Surely we will then be in order with our relationship with God at highest priority and with the right motivation to touch those whom He desires to touch through us. As a side note… people who don’t know what God looks like will never be able to say you do not look like Him and be accurate because they in fact do not actually know what they are comparing you to. The Image Himself knows how you are transforming into His Image-listen to Him and Him alone.  Throw off that religious criticism and be content with what God says about you!

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