Tenderness In Your Hands

A woman desires such tenderness from your hands.  She equally desires you to be strong and supportive.  Tenderness is crucial because she desires to give you her heart and know that you will not crush something so sacred in the strength of your hands.  I’m sure it is of great desire for you to be protective of her physically and she really appreciates knowing that she is safe with you.  Just as you guard her by keeping her away from harm, she desires that you would guard her heart.  It is of optimum importance for her to know that her heart is safe with you.  She desires to show you herself fully. She wants you to see HER.  She wants you to see everything that is on the inside of her and to know that you will not turn around and leave.  She does not wish to hide anything from you but longs to reveal all of herself to you.  Sometimes women get it backwards and offer their bodies to you outside of covenant relationship because that is how strongly she desires to be close to you.  They long for a close emotional attachment and if they have to sacrifice the sanctity of their body sometimes they will.  Sex is highly emotional for women, yet many times what they are searching for is a close emotional relationship with you.  As a side note, one of the most devastating ways that you will hurt a woman is to connect with her sexually outside of a covenant relationship.  As another side note, if you are pursuing a woman for the purpose of marriage:  Building emotional intimacy with a woman who knows she can entrust her heart into your hands without being crushed will help lead to a wonderful sexual intimacy in the marriage bed.  If she feels comfortable exposing all of who she is on the inside more than likely it will enhance her confidence of exposing herself to you physically.

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