Spiritual Mother, Eat Well!

If you are destined to be a spiritual mother you must understand the importance of guarding your gates or what you are allowing to take root into your heart via your senses upon meditation of your mind (thoughts).  Info is coming in through your gates (what you see, hear, feel, sense, etc.).  You must no longer focus on the natural circumstances and draw conclusions accordingly.  Ask God to help you develop your spiritual senses.  Ask Him to let you see spiritually, hear spiritually, discern in a deeper spiritual dimension.  What you take in your mind begins to meditate upon.  What you meditate upon you begin to feed on and that takes root into your heart.  Recognize what you feed on is what you begin to feed your babies.  Your babies eat the same food as you.  What takes root in you, if not filtered, is what will come out of you-what you will feed others.  This development is a process of seeing, hearing, discerning spiritually instead of naturally.  Be encouraged but also be cautious.  Before you draw conclusions and receive input into your own life, ask yourself am I seeing/hearing this situation naturally or spiritually?  Am I receiving input that is aligning with what God says?  If what you are receiving does not align with what God says, throw it out!  Learn to not internalize messages that are coming to you that do not line up with God’s Word.  I am talking about YOUR personal life.  Example: If you internalize messages that say you are not good enough, you do not fit in, you do not know what you’re talking about, etc. in your personal life and do not rid yourself of those messages they will show up as a mixing agent in your outflow of ministry to others because those personal messages are taking root in your heart.  Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks (Luke 6:45).  Guard your gates!  Feed yourself well and your babies will be feed well!

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