Don’t Turn Back To Get Your Needs Met

Don’t turn around-keep moving forward though you walk through a lean place where you do not rely on anything else but fully on God.  The place where you left fulfilled a desire or need in you that may have been abundantly rich in terms of how you see this need/desire being fulfilled.  Now where you are, that same need seems to either not be getting fulfilled or minimally when you look at it with your natural eyes.  Pray about this.  Ask God to open your eyes.  He is your Provider.  When He calls you out of one place and you are in transition He is with you and will provide that which you need.  When the Israelites left Egypt at some point in time during their wilderness walk they became hungry and complained to Moses that he should have let them stay in Egypt where they sat around and ate to the full.  Moses prayed to God and God supernaturally provided all the sustenance that they needed daily-meat and bread. The key was they had to receive it daily-just the right amount to be filled to the full-nothing left over.  In your lean place it may seem like a need you have is scarcely met.  Again, God is your Provider.  He will provide but it takes faith and you must choose to receive it daily.  He did not provide an abundant quantity at once.  It took faith to believe that God would provide manna and quail every day for everyone.  Trust God and don’t turn back to a place where He has called you out of because it seems plentiful to some of your needs. (See Exodus 16) By the way, Egypt was the land of bondage.  When God sets you free and you leave that place, He is taking you to your Promised Land.  Don’t turn around in your transitional period.  What you need will be there.  Believe and obey, though it looks crazy.  God is taking you to your promise.  Close your natural eyes if you have to & just walk.

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